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ofc-1 timing question

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ofc-1 timing question

Posted by Alex H Williams at January 09. 2017

I have a couple quick questions regarding how the trials are aligned. I'm specifically looking at ofc-1/N1/040624 as a starting point.

TE = load('/ofc-1/N1/040624/TrialEvents2.mat')

load('../data/ofc-1/N1/040624/Sc1_1.mat') % loads spike times as `TS` variable

My goal at this point is to make a sparse matrix holding a raster of  (trials x time) for this neuron with each trial aligned to the initial poke into the odor port.

1) The first trial start time is TE.TrialStart(1) is NaN. Why?

2) Am I right to guess that the trial start times are in seconds and the spike times are measured in tenths of milliseconds? The first spike time is 9.2450e+05 and the last trial start is 5.3761e+03. It seems like I need to divide TS by 1e4 to get something reasonable.

Thanks, -- Alex

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