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Other Resources

Links to related resources and information.

Coordination efforts: - Neuroscience Information Framework. - Society for Neuroscience  database gateway. - International neuroinformatics Coordinating facility.

Data and resource sharing: - Developing a standard XML metaformat for exchanging neuroscience data. - XML for computational neuroscience. - Code Analysis, Repository and Modelling for e-Neuroscience. - Source for neuroimaging tools and resources. - Multiscale cerebral neurochemical connectome of the rat brain. - open-source software package being developed for the analysis of neural data. - Linux Debian operating system containing a large collection of popular neuroscience research software. - Collations of Connectivity data on the Macaque brain. - Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections. - FIND - Finding Information in Neural Data. - Neuron Exchange and Matlab Analysis (Jude Mitchell). - Epileptic Seizure Prediction in Freiburg, Germany. - Epiletic Seizure Prediction contest. - FMRI data center. - Competition: Predicting Single-Neuron Behavior. - Public neurophysiology database hosted at Cornell University. - Neural prediction challenge. - Curated inventory of digitally reconstructed neurons. - PANDORA Matlab Toolbox; extracts user-defined characteristics from raw neural data for database management. - Open Connectome Project: Collectively reverse-engineering the brain one synapse at a time

On-line talks:

(Computational Neuroscience related talks videotaped by Jeff Teeters).

Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience seminars.

2007 Brain Network Dynamics Conference at UC-Berkeley (to honor Walter Freeman's 80'th birthday).

2007 Cognitive Computing conference at UC-Berkeley (sponsored by CITRIS).

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