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hc3 - spike_count table missing

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hc3 - spike_count table missing

Posted by Scott Cole at April 28. 2017
I'm trying to find recordings in hc3 with high spike counts, as shown in some of the sample SQLite queries. However, I am getting the error: `Error: no such table: spike_count`. And when I check, I see that the spike_count table does not exist in hc3-tables.db (as the documentation suggests it does). I can access all of the rest of the tables (cell, epos, file, and session).
Am I somehow in the wrong file? Where can I find the spike_count table?
Thank you for your time!

Re: hc3 - spike_count table missing

Posted by Jeff Teeters at April 30. 2017

It seems to be working for me.  Below is a dialog with a fresh download of;


$ ls


$ cd crcns-hc3-metadata-tables

$ ls

00-README.txt hc3-epos.csv hc3-session.csv hc3-spike_count.csv hc3-tables.sql old

hc3-cell.csv hc3-file.csv hc3-session_a.csv hc3-tables.db hc3-tables.xlsx

$ ~/bin/sqlite3 hc3-tables.db 

SQLite version 3.18.0 2017-03-28 18:48:43

Enter ".help" for usage hints.

sqlite> .tables

cell         epos         file         session      session_a    spike_count

sqlite> .schema spike_count


-- Contains number of spikes each cell has in each session

-- (for sessions from which the cell could have been recorded).  Some

-- counts will be zero because no spikes were detected from the

-- a cell in those sessions, but could have been.

  cellId integer,   -- row in PyrIntMap.Map

  sessId integer,   -- row in Beh table (all sessions)

  nSpikes integer   -- number of spikes for cell in the session


sqlite> select count(*) from spike_count;





Re: hc3 - spike_count table missing

Posted by Scott Cole at May 02. 2017

All the files are there now. Thanks!

Strange. When I downloaded on April 28, from the link on, there were no tables for 'hc3-session_a' or 'hc3-spike count'. Anyway. No longer an issue.

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