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Th 1: getting *.ang files from *.pos files?

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Th 1: getting *.ang files from *.pos files?

Posted by Nabiul Islam at July 26. 2017

Hi everyone,

1. Could anyone please let me know how to generate angular values from the position file given in particular session?  Just want to check data in *.ang  that was really generated from *.pos file, since the data in *.pos file are position values for the the two leds? 

2. In the zip of angular files are three types of files: 1. *.ang  2. *MD-filt.ang, and 3. *HD-filt.ang. Can you please explain description of three files and how are the files are related?


Thank you for your time.


Kind regards,

Nabiul Islam

Re: Th 1: getting *.ang files from *.pos files?

Posted by Adrien Peyrache at August 29. 2017

Dear Nabiul,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

1. The angular values are generated from the pos files by using an invert tangent function. However, the relative position of the blue and red LEDs were not always the same across animals, so the angular values in the .ang files were shifted so that 0 rad always correspond to the right direction (along the x-axis).

2. I don't see MD-filt and HD-filt files in AngFiles.tar, can you give me an example?

Hope this will help.



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