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DREAM data-Flint, 2012

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DREAM data-Flint, 2012

Posted by Soyoung Chae at August 23. 2017


I am Soyoung Chae in UNIST of South Korea.


I have three questions about DREAM data of Flint.


I want to ask you whether the LFP signal in the mat file is downsampled to 2000hz and 0.2~500 hz bandpass filtered LFP or EFP.


I wonder if the LFP signal is recorded with hand position simultaneously.

When I generate LFP timeline with 1/2000 sec interval from trial start time to trial end time, the number of points is different with LFP signal length.

For example, if trial is started when 0 sec and ended when 5 sec,

LFP time point might be

t= 0:1/2000:5.

However, the length of t is not same with actual LFP signal length.

Last, is the first column of the Subject.Speical.NeuronMapping channel information that the channel that the each unit in Subject. Trial.Neuron.Spike recorded?

Then what does the second column of the Subject.Speical.NeuronMapping mean?



Soyoung Chae

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