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green and red data pvc-10

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green and red data pvc-10

Posted by Mattijs Kuiper at November 21. 2017

Are 'green' and 'red' channels, are these filters used in the two-photon imaging process? And in the description document says "The cells that were visible in both channels were labelled PV interneurons, the cells only visible in green channels were PV- cells, composed of largely excitatory neurons." what if you only have the red channel, what do you only see there? i hope you can answer my questions. 


with kind regards

Re: green and red data pvc-10

Posted by Nicholas Priebe at November 21. 2017

The red and green channels are from the 2 PMTs that were used to collect light during the experiment.  The red channel data result from the PMT that collected light in the red wavelength range (sensitive to tdtomato) and the green channel reflect the light collected in the green wavelength range (sensitive to OGB1 or GCaMP).  These channels do not result from some post processing  of the original imaging data.  They are the original imaging data.

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