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Questions regarding data set hc-3

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Questions regarding data set hc-3

Posted by Bijurika Nandi at December 19. 2016


I have a few questions regarding data set hc-3.

1. I am mostly interested in the LFP (.eeg) files. But I am unable to convert it to .mat files to analyze the data. Could you please help me regarding how can I convert those files into matlab files?

2. I am looking into those data sets which have simultaneous CA1 and DG recordings, and from the data details sheet, I think there are only 2 of them (ec013 and ec016). I just wanted to confirm if that is the case or if am missing something.

3. How should I differentiate between the different tasks based on the names of the data sets? Is there a way to do that?  I want to look at the same task to analyze the LFP files for CA1 and DG. But I got confused how to recognize which file name corresponds to which task.

4. How should I organize (and identify) the channels?

It would be great if you could help me with these.


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