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Site News

New Hippocampus data set added.

Contributed by the Gyorgy Buzsáki lab, at Rutgers University.

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Matlab script for pvc-2 data set updated.

The script to generate tuning curves has been updated.

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Insect Auditory data set added

Recordings from grasshopper (Locusta Migratoria) auditory receptor cells.

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Site upgraded to latest Plone

Site was upgraded to Plone version 3.2.1. Let us know (via the contact form) if you experience any difficulties.

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More Primary Visual Cortex data added

Data from the lab of Jack Gallant has been added.

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CRCNS site launched

Beta version of the CRCNS site (i.e. this site) launched with six data sets. More are coming.

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Neuroinformatics article published

An article about the crcns data sharing program (which is what this website is implementing) has been published in the journal Neuroinformatics. It is available on-line.

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