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hc-3 missing data

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hc-3 missing data

Posted by Ali Ozgur Argunsah at May 15. 2014



Some data that explained in hc3 data description document is missing in the hc-3 downloads folder such as gor01 or vvp01. It seems like these are the only experiments that have simultaneous CA3 and CA1 recordings that I need :) Is is possible for you to upload them too?


Thank you,



Re: hc-3 missing data

Posted by Jeff Teeters at May 16. 2014
I think all the data is there.  Only the first 100 items are shown on the first page.  You need to clink on the link for page 2 or the link that says "Next 19 items."  

Re: hc-3 missing data

Posted by Bryan da Costa Souza at January 05. 2015

Hi Jeff,

It seems that there are still some missing files in these datasets. Where can I find the .whl files in gor01 or vvp01 folders? 




Re: hc-3 missing data

Posted by admin at March 03. 2015
Hi Bryan,
You are right.  Sessions in directory "gor01", "vvp01", "i01_maze15", "j01_maze04" and "j01_maze05" are missing the "whl" files.  Most of these missing files have been located and have now been added to the data set in file "additional_whl_files.tar.gz" which is in the "docs" directory of the data set.
The following sessions are still missing whl files:
directory         session                         behavior
ec014.n329    2007-3-29_16-06-46  ZigZag
i01_maze15    i01_maze15_MS.001   bigSquare
j01_maze04    j01_maze04_M.001    bigSquare
j01_maze04    j01_maze04_M.003    bigSquare
j01_maze04    j01_maze04_M.004    bigSquare
j01_maze05    j01_maze05_M.001    bigSquare
If additional whl files are located, they will be added to the "docs/additional_whl_files.tar.gz" file.
Thanks for pointing out this omission.  And thanks to Kenji Mizuseki for locating the files that have been added.
Best regards,

Re: hc-3 missing data

Posted by keita watanabe at May 02. 2018

Hi Jeff,

It’s been almost a year since we talked at the last summer school.

I hope you're doing well!

Speaking of these data, I just noticed that some of the activity data (*.whl) are still missing. I'm currently collaborating with my colleague and want to analyze data that recorded during the T-maze task.

It seems that the following datasets should correspond to the task but I couldn't find *.whl files. 

id topdir session behavior familiarity duration
391 1470 gor01-6-12 2006-6-12_19-26-43 Tmaze 10 2358.2960
395 1476 gor01-6-13 2006-6-13_19-11-30 Tmaze 10 2871.4280
396 1477 pin01-11-04 11-04_22-31-40 Tmaze 10 1811.6920
397 1479 pin01-11-04 11-05_0-06-51 Tmaze 10 621.3458
398 1480 pin01-11-04 11-05_0-24-7 Tmaze 10 566.4848
413 1502 vvp01-4-18 2006-4-18_21-22-11 Tmaze 10 3166.6240

It would be great if you could let me know whether I could download these files somewhere.


Best regards,

Keita Watanabe


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