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EEG data hc3-vvp01 loading error!

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EEG data hc3-vvp01 loading error!

Posted by Bin Li at April 15. 2020


I am writing to seek advice from you on the bug when I load the hc3--vvp01 data. I am using this publicity dataset to perform some signal processing tasks. I have used the EEGLAB software (running on Matlab) to load the vvp01 data (.eeg files), and adopted the default parameters configuration. However, when reserving array an unexpected error occurs, saying the required storage (65358 * 6536500 = 3183.0GB) excesses the maximum matrix size. I am not sure what happened. Could you please help me to check and solve this problem? 


Thank you very much for sharing this interesting EEG data~~


Best regards,




Re: EEG data hc3-vvp01 loading error!

Posted by Jeff Teeters at April 16. 2020

I'm not familiar with the EEGLAB, but I suspect that software is expecting that files with the .eeg extension conforms to a particular format which is different than the .eeg files in the dataset which are probably just binary files containing only data with no metadata.   Try to load the files into matlab arrays without using EEGLAB, maybe using scripts included with the hc-2 dataset.

Best wishes,




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