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Re: hc-14: problems with a documentation

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Re: hc-14: problems with a documentation

Posted by Ivan Nazhestkin at April 20. 2021

There is a problem in a documentation of this dataset. I cannot find an accurate information about a brain area of each shank.

I can see a file named "MapsSessions.pdf" in a dataset. There are schemes for each animal in this file. I understood that rows are days (experimental sessions) and columns are the electrode shanks. But some shanks are missing! For example, for "Rat 08" animal, shanks 1,2,3 and 4 are missing. For "Rat 09", shanks 17,18.19,20 are missing. And also I cannot find shanks that were in a hippocampus. I can see only a basolateral amygdala (BLA), a basomedial amygdala (BMA), dorsolateral amygdaloid nucleus (LaDL),  a ventral part of basolateral amygdala (BLV), a posterior part of basolateral amygdala(BMP), a posterolateral cortical amygdala (PLCo1) a piriform cortex (Pir), a ventral endopiriform nucleus (VEn), a dorsal endopiriform nucleus (DEn), a caudate putamen (CPu), and two regions that I cannot find in a brain atlas (GP and CeN). But the hippocampus is missing!

Then I tried to look at files in "Rat*-Info.tar.gz" archives. But for each animal they have a different structure!
For example, for "Rat08" there is a gile named "StructureMapping.ods", and there are a lot of sheets for each recording day. At each sheet I can see the following information: shanks 1-4 are in the hippocampus, shanks 5-12 are from the left amygdala, and shanks 13-20 are from the right amygdala. Such a situation is for any day of Rat08. But this information is in contrary to "MapsSessions.pdf" file! For example, for "20130722" session shanks 5-8 according to "MapsSessions.pdf" are in the piriform cortex, and in the left amygdala according to "StructureMapping.ods".
For "Rat09" there is a completely different file named "HistoSheet.ods" with only one worksheet containing a scheme like a scheme from "MapsSessions.pdf". But there is the same problem - a hippocampus is missing and not all shanks are presented. And there is another shank numbering system and it does not comply with a numbering system in data files.

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