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Terms of use

Terms of usage for the site

Data usage: Unless other terms are given explicitly on the page describing the data set, the following terms apply:  Data is made available only for scientific purposes. Redistribution of the data is not permitted (except to direct collaborators working with you on the data or to students in your classroom).  Any publications derived from the data must state the data contributors and as being the source of the data and cite the original paper(s) in which the data contributors have first described the data.

Data downloading: Unnecessary downloading of data files is not permitted.  (To minimize demands on the server, only data required soon for your research or teaching should be downloaded.)

Privacy notice: Occasionally the researchers who contribute data wish to know who has downloaded their data.  Upon request we will provide this information to the data contributors.  So, if you download data, there is a possibility that your name and email address will be provided to the data contributor.  We request that the data contributors only use the information for legitimate scientific purposes (such as determining the frequency of downloads, or contacting users to providing updated information about the data or to explore possible collaborations).


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