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About voting for a data set

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About voting for a data set

Posted by admin at February 23. 2009


What is "vote for a data set"?

The purpose of the "vote for a data set" section is to gage the interest in a data set which could be made available for sharing.  If you vote for a data set this indicated interest, which encourages the experimentalists to make the data available, and also makes the preparation of the data set easier to fund.


How to vote for a data set.

To vote for a data set, please 1. register on this site, 2. login, then 3) "vote" via the site contact form (link on upper right).  Please include the following information:
    - Name of the data set (from title of the announcement post).
    - Your full name.
    - Your affiliation.
    - If post-doc or student, the name of the lab you are affiliated with.
    - Previous experience analyzing neurophysiology data (if any).
    - Brief explanation of why you would find the data useful and what you would like to use if for.

Note: Comments about the data (using the forum) are welcome, but such comments do not count as a "vote" for the dataset (described above).  So if you would like a data set made available, even if you include a forum comment, please also follow the above instructions to send us the request.


Directly contacting contributor.

If (in addition to voting) you are considering contacting a contributor directly to inquire about getting access to the data, first, please check the post describing the data set to be sure that the contributor has not requested not to be contacted.  Also, be aware that the data sets listed in this section are normally not in a form that is ready for sharing and it thus may require substantial work for the contributor to prepare the data before you would be able to use it.  The contributor may not wish to do this work or may request assistance from you to help prepare the data.

If you contact the contributor and it leads to a collaboration, please acknowledge in resulting publications. After the project is completed, we strongly encourage you to help prepare the data set for making it publicly available.  It will be requested that any publications resulting from the shared data acknowledge the help you provided.


Use the "Vote for Data Set" marketplace to announce data sets which you would consider making available if there is sufficient interest.  In the announcement, you may wish to specify whether or not it's OK for people who are interested in your data to contact you directly.  You also might want to think about how you would respond if someone does contact you.  Since sharing the data requires work on your part, you may want to require preconditions for gaining access to the data.   For example, in exchange for getting access you may request that a data user help prepare the data for sharing to the general community.  It is suggested that you not make an exclusive agreement with someone (preventing all others from accessing) unless it is for a limited time and is in exchange for something that benefits you (such as a collaboration or help in making the data available to the general community).

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