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Thirteen new data sets added

The new data sets are:

  • - Simultaneous extracellular recordings from hippocampal areas CA1 and CA3 from rats performing an alternation task in two W-shaped tracks that are geometrically identically but visually distinct. Contributed by Loren Frank, UCSF.
  • - Multi-electrode recordings of anesthetized macaque V1 responses to static natural images and gratings. Contributed by Adam Kohn at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  • - fMRI responses of human visual cortex (v1, v2, v3) to natural image patches obtained from above and below the centre of gaze of an observer freely-navigating an outdoor environment. Contributed by Damien J. Mannion, UNSW Australia.
  • - Simultaneous electrophysiological recordings of ensembles of isolated neurons in rat medial prefrontal cortex and intermediate CA1 area of the hippocampus during a working memory task. Recorded by Shigeyoshi Fujisawa in the lab of György Buzsáki.
  • - (Somatosensory cortex 2) — Volumetric calcium imaging data recorded during performance of a single whisker object localization task, sampling activity in the majority of the relevant superficial barrel cortex neurons (75 %, 12,000 neurons per mouse). Data contributed by Simon Peron in the lab of Karel Svoboda at Janelia Farm.
  • - Extracellular recordings from multi-site silicon probes in the anterior thalamus and subicular formation of freely moving mice. Contributed by Adrien Peyrache and Gyorgy Buzsáki.
  • - Spiking responses of neurons in mouse retina. Contributed by Markus Meister, CalTech.
  • - Simultaneous imaging and loose-seal cell-attached electrical recordings from neurons expressing a variety of genetically encoded calcium indicators. The data is described in: Akerboom, et al JNS 2012 and Chen, et al Nature 2013. The data provides ground truth by recording electrical and GCaMP optical responses simultaneously.
  • - (Information estimation 1) — MatLab tools for estimating linear Fisher information from population data along with synthetic data and recorded spike count responses from neurons in macaque primary visual cortex to grating images with different orientations and white noise. Contributed by Ingmar Kanitscheider and Ruben Coen-Cagli, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  • - Simulation results from full scale and rationally reduced network models of the isolated hippocampal CA1 subfield in rat. Contributed by Marianne Bezaire, UC Irvine.
  • - Activity of multiple neurons in the brain stem (Inferior colliculus and Pontine Nucleus) of anesthetized rats during auditory white noise stimulus. Contributed by Nir Nossenson.
  • - Patch-clamp recordings from layer 4 pyramidal cells in guinea pig V1 acute slices showing synaptic plasticity induced by paired extracellular stimulation and spiking under both normal conditions and pharmacological GABAA blockage. Contributed by Ignacio Sáez (UC Berkeley).
  • - (anterior lateral motor cortex 2) Calcium imaging recordings from mouse anterior lateral motor cortex (ALM) during performance of a tactile decision task. Data contributed by Tsai-Wen Chen in the lab of Karel Svoboda at Janelia Farm. Data in this data set is described in a 2015 nature paper.
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