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Hermissenda Data Sets

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Hermissenda Data Sets

Posted by admin at February 23. 2009

About the data sets.

If there is sufficient interest, two data sets measuring the light response of Hermissenda photoreceptors can be made available. Both sets of data were collected with the software Pulse.  The data sets are:

(1) Voltage clamp data measuring the light induced currents in type B photoreceptors as a function of light duration (30 ms to 3 sec) light intensity, and holding potential.  Separation of the light induced sodium currents (measured in the presence of barium) and the light induced potassium currents (measured in the presence of 0 Na - TMA). This data was reported in (Blackwell KT. The effect of intensity and duration on the light-induced sodium and potassium currents in the Hermissenda type B photoreceptor. J Neurosci. 2002 May 15;22(10):4217-28).

(2) Current clamp data from both type A and type B photoreceptors measuring the effect of light duration and light intensity.  This data was reported in: Mo JL, Blackwell KT. Comparison of Hermissenda type a and type B photoreceptors: response to light as a function of intensity and duration. J Neurosci. 2003 Sep 3;23(22): 8020-8).

How to vote for (request) these data sets.
To request these data sets, follow the instructions in the post "About voting for a data set".

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