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Conversation Forum Posted
In vivo whole-cell patch-clamp recordings of spontaneous activity during anesthesia and wakefulness Data sets wanted
by Rune Rasmussen
September 13. 2017
Unique States of Consciousness Data sets wanted
by Thomas Varley
November 10. 2015
Intracellular spikes during sensory stimulation Data sets wanted
by Cesare Magri
June 10. 2015
Re: Place and Grid field Analysis Ideas Ideas / methods for data analysis
by Andrew Maurer
May 01. 2014
IMPRS NeuroCom invites again for PhD scholarships General
by Anne Missbach
October 19. 2011
About voting for a data set Vote for data sets
by admin
February 23. 2009
Hermissenda Data Sets Vote for data sets
by admin
February 23. 2009
PhD Scholarships - International Max Planck Research School General
by Antje Hollaender
February 23. 2009
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