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About pfc-3

Information about pfc-3 (prefrontal cortex, number 3).


This dataset contains the recordings from prefrontal cortex of four monkeys. It encompasses two tasks (spatial task and feature task) and both pre-training and post-training recordings.

This dataset is published together with the following manuscript that performs dimensionality reduction of several PFC datasets:

Kobak, D., Brendel, W., Constantinidis, C., Feierstein, C. E., Kepecs, A., Mainen, Z. F., Romo, R., Qi, X.-L., Uchida, N., & Machens, C. K. (2016). Demixed principal component analysis of neural population data. eLife, 5.

Original publications associated with the data are:

  • Meyer, T., Qi, X. L., Stanford, T. R., & Constantinidis, C. (2011). Stimulus selectivity in dorsal and ventral prefrontal cortex after training in working memory tasks. The Journal of Neuroscience, 31(17), 6266-6276.
  • Qi, X. L., Meyer, T., Stanford, T. R., & Constantinidis, C. (2011). Changes in Prefrontal Neuronal Activity after Learning to Perform a Spatial Working Memory Task. Cerebral cortex, 21(12), 2722-2732.

Format of the data.

The data is stored in a folder containing 8041 .mat files, each corresponding to one neuron. Two additional files are SummaryDatabase.xlsx and  FeatureSpatialClass.xlsx. SummaryDatabase.xlsx lists all neurons in each of the tasks (on different sheets).

How to download the data.

The data must be downloaded from:

A account is required.  This link allows bulk downloading of multiple files using the download script as described in the "Alternative download method" section on the download page.

Getting help using the data.

If you have questions about using the data, post them on the forum for using data sets.

How to cite the data

Publications created through usage of the data should cite the papers referenced above (Meyer et al. 2011, Qi et al. 2011) and also cite the data set using the following:

Christos Constantinidis, Xue-Lian Qi, Travis Meyer (2016). Single-neuron spike train recordings from macaque prefrontal cortex during a visual working memory task before and after training.

The above citation uses a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which is assigned to the data set.  The DOI was created using DataCite ( and the California Digital Library, "EZID" system (

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