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Folder hc-1
Simultaneous intracellular and extracellular recordings from hippocampus region CA1 of anesthetized rats. Contributed by Gyorgy Buzsáki lab, New York University.
Folder hc-2
Multi-unit recordings from the rat hippocampus made during open field foraging (contributed by Gyorgy Buzsáki lab, New York University).
Folder hc-3
Multiple single unit recordings from different rat hippocampal and entorhinal regions while the animals were performing multiple behavioral tasks. Contributed by Gyorgy Buzsáki lab, New York University.
Folder hc-4
Extracellular recordings from muiti-site silicon probes used for clustering of neuron responses in rat hippocampal and entorhinal regions. Contains additional data (including raw data) used for spike sorting of some neuron responses provided in the hc-3 data set. Contributed by the lab of Gyorgy Buzsáki.
Folder hc-5
Simultaneous extracellular recordings from left and right hippocampal areas CA1 and right entorhinal cortex from a rat performing a left / right alternation task and other behaviors. Contributed by Eva Pastalkova. Recordings made while in the lab of Gyorgy Buzsáki.
Folder hc-6
Simultaneous extracellular recordings from hippocampal areas CA1 and CA3 (or MEC and CA1) from rats performing an alternation task in two W-shaped tracks that are geometrically identically but visually distinct. Contributed by Loren Frank, UCSF.
Folder hc-7
Temporal properties of mouse hippocampal CA3 area PV and CCK inhibitory neuron transmission measured by physiologically relevant action potential sequences. Contributed by Zsolt Kohus and Dr. Attila I Gulyás at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Folder hc-8
Spontaneous spiking activity of thousands of neurons in rat hippocampal dissociated cultures. Contributed by Nicholas M. Timme, Najja Marshall, Nicholas Bennett, Monica Ripp, Edward Lautzenhiser, and John M. Beggs.
Folder hc-9
Firing pattern of O-LM cells in mouse hippocampal CA1. Featured in Quattrocolo and Maccaferri (2013) and used in model cells of the model CA1 neural network developed by Marianne J. Bezaire, Ivan Raikov, Kelly Burk, Dhrumil Vyas, and Ivan Soltesz.
Folder hc-10
Intracellular, in vitro somatic membrane potential recordings from whole cell patch clamped rodent hippocampal CA1 neurons. Contributed by Sang-Hun Lee, Esther Krook-Magnuson, Marianne Bezaire, and Ivan Soltesz.
Folder hc-11
Recordings from hippocampal area CA1, PRE, during and POST novel spatial learning. Contributed by Andres Grosmark, J. Long and Gyorgy Buzsáki.
Folder hc-12
Extracellular recordings from monkey hippocampus performing a virtual navigation task. Contributed by Sylvia Wirth, Pierre Baraduc, Aurélie Planté, Serge Pinède & Jean-René Duhamel.
Folder hc-13
Simultaneous extracellular recordings from hippocampal area CA1 and dorsal medial prefrontal cortex from rats performing a foraging task. Contributed by Jai Yu, Daniel Liu, Irene Grossrubatscher and Loren Frank, UCSF.
Folder hc-14
Simultaneous large-scale recordings in dorsal hippocampus, basolateral amygdala and neighbouring deep nuclei and structures in rats performing a spatial aversive task and sleeping. Contributed by G. Girardeau, I. Inema, and G. Buzsaki.
Folder hc-15
Extracellular voltage recordings of spontaneous action potentials from cultured mouse hippocampal neurons showing action potential propagation in single neurons. Contributed by Kenneth R. Tovar, Daniel C. Bridges, Bian Wu, Paul K. Hansma and Kenneth S. Kosik.
Folder hc-16
Extracellular CA1 spike trains recorded from Fmr1-null and wild-type mice during free exploration in a variety of environments that include a small and a large box, a ring, and a circular open field that is either stationary or rotating. Contributed by Sparks, F.T., Talbot, Z.N., Dvorak, D. and Fenton, A.A.
Folder hc-17
Extracellular DG spike trains recorded from wild-type mice during free exploration in a variety of environments that include a circle and a large box, and a circular rotating open field during an active place avoidance task with changing shock zone locations. Contributed by M.T. van Dijk and A.A. Fenton.
Folder hc-18
Bilateral recordings from dorsal hippocampal area CA1 from rats transported on a model train and sleeping. Contributed by C. Drieu, Todorova R. and M. Zugaro.
Folder hc-19
Extracellular recordings from rat hippocampal area CA1 during rest and exploration of a 3-arm maze along with results of real-time and offline detection of hippocampal replay content. Contributed by Davide Ciliberti, Frédéric Michon and Fabian Kloosterman.
Folder hc-20
Extracellular single unit action potential spike trains recorded from the medial entorhinal cortex of freely-behaving rats performing place avoidance tasks in both a stable and continuously rotating arena. Contributed by Eun Hye Park, Stephen Keeley, Cristina Savin, James B. Ranck Jr. and André A. Fenton.
Folder hc-21
Extracellular recordings from macaque hippocampus while navigating via a joystick a familiar and unfamiliar virtual maze projected in stereo, and binocular eye movements. Contributed by Wirth S, Barraduc P, Planté P, Spinède S and Duhamel JR.
Folder hc-22
Hippocampal CA1 neurons recording from mice foraging in three different environments over 10 days. Contributed by Jercog PE, Abbott LF and Kandel ER.
Folder hc-23
Grid Cell and Non-Grid Cell Recordings from Layer II/III of Medial Entorhinal Cortex from 6 rats (1-7 sessions each) During Active Exploration and Overnight Sleep. Contributed by Trimper, John; Trettel, Sean G.; Hwaun, Ernie; Fiete, Ila R.; Colgin, Laura Lee. Files are hosted on
Folder hc-24
Simultaneous extracellular recordings from midline thalamic nuclei, medial prefrontal cortex and CA1 from rats cycling through bouts of sleep and wakefulness. Contributed by Carmen Varela and Matthew A. Wilson.
Folder hc-25
Recordings and timed stimulation of rat dorsal hippocampal area CA1 and medial prefrontal cortex during behavior and sleep. Contributed by: N. Maingret, Todorova R. and M. Zugaro.
Folder hc-26
Longitudinal LFP recordings from female apoE3-KI and apoE4-KI mice at rest and subsequent spatial memory performance. Contributed by Emily A. Jones, Anna K. Gillespie, Seo Yeon Yoon, Loren M. Frank, and Yadong Huang.
Folder hc-27
Extracellular recordings from across the dorsoventral axis of the medial entorhinal cortex of the rat. Contributed by Hernández-Pérez J.J., Cooper K.W. and Newman E.L..
Folder hc-28
Simultaneous extracellular recordings from hippocampal area CA1 and medial prefrontal cortex from rats learning a W-track alternation task. Contributed by Shantanu Jadhav, Brandeis University and Loren Frank, UCSF.
Folder hc-29
Tetrode recordings of hippocampus CA1 and dorsal lateral septum in rat. Contributed by Hannah S Wirtshafter and Matthew A Wilson.
Folder hc-30
Functional calcium imaging recordings of hippocampal area CA1 from mice performing a linear track task. Contributed by Pablo Jercog and Mark Schnitze.
Folder hc-31
Extracellular CA1 activity from rats during exploration of a novel 48m track. Contributed by Dylan Rich, HuaPeng Liaw and Albert K Lee.
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