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Somatosensory cortex

Folder ssc-1 (Somatosensory cortex 1)
This dataset comprises calcium imaging data from vibrissal S1 in mice performing a pole localization task. Data contributed by Simon Peron in the lab of Karel Svoboda at Janelia Farm.
Folder ssc-2 (Somatosensory cortex 2)
Volumetric calcium imaging data recorded during performance of a single whisker object localization task, sampling activity in the majority of the relevant superficial barrel cortex neurons (75 %, 12,000 neurons per mouse). Data contributed by Simon Peron in the lab of Karel Svoboda at Janelia Farm.
Folder ssc-3 (Somatosensory cortex 3)
Spontaneous spiking activity of hundreds of neurons in mouse somatosensory cortex slice cultures recorded using a dense 512 electrode array. Contributed by Shinya Ito, Fang-Chin Yeh, Nicholas M. Timme, Pawel Hottowy, Alan M. Litke, and John M. Beggs.
Folder ssc-4 (Somatosensory cortex 4)
Extracellular recordings in rat barrel cortex during a whisker based discrimination task of tactile stimuli that varied in whisker deflection speed at short and fast time scales. Contributed by Leah M. McGuire; Gregory Telian; Keven Laboy-Juárez; Toshio Miyashita; Daniel J. Lee; Katherine A. Smith; Daniel E. Feldman
Folder ssc-5 (Somatosensory cortex 5)
Juxtacellular recordings from primary somatosensory cortex (vS1) neurons of adult mice performing whisker-mediated object localization. Contributed by S. Andrew Hires, Diego Gutnisky, Jianing Yu, Karel Svoboda
Folder ssc-6 (Somatosensory cortex 6)
Interspersed Distribution of Selectivity to Kinematic Stimulus Features in Supragranular Layers of Mouse Barrel Cortex. Contributed by: Francisco J. Martini, Manuel Molano-Mazón and Miguel Maravall.
Folder ssc-7 (Somatosensory cortex 7)
Data related to: Layer 4 fast-spiking interneurons filter thalamocortical signals during active somatosensation. Yu, Gutnisky, Hires, Svoboda, Nature Neurosci. 2016.
Folder ssc-8 (Somatosensory cortex 8)
Two-photon calcium imaging recordings of spontaneous activity from mouse somatosensory cortex in wild-type and Fmr1 knock-out mice from three developmental age groups. Contributed by Gonçalves, J.T, O’Donnell, C., Sejnowski, T.J., and Portera-Cailliau, C.
Folder ssc-9 (Somatosensory cortex 9)
Extracellular recordings in mouse barrel cortex during single- and 2-whisker stimulation. Contributed by Keven J. Laboy-Juárez, Tomer Langberg, Seoiyoung Ahn, and Daniel E. Feldman
Folder ssc-10 (Somatosensory cortex 10)
2-photon calcium imaging in S1 of enriched and normally housed mice during individual deflection of 9 whiskers. Contributed by Amy M. LeMessurier and Daniel E. Feldman
Folder ssc-11 (Somatosensory cortex 11)
Volumetric calcium imaging of mouse somatosensory cortex during vibrissal object localization before and after multiphoton ablation of a small subset of L2/3 neurons. Contributed by Simon Peron, Ravi Pancholi, Bettina Voelcker, Jason D. Wittenbach, H. Freyja Ólafsdóttir, Jeremy Freeman and Karel Svoboda.
Folder ssc-12 (Somatosensory cortex 12)
Data from: Area 2 of primary somatosensory cortex encodes kinematics of the whole arm. Dataset hosted at Dryad. Contributed by Raeed Chowdhury, Joshua Glaser and Lee Miller.
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