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Auditory cortex

Folder ac-1
Auditory cortex and thalamic neuronal responses to various natural and synthetic sounds. Contributed by Anthony Zador lab (Cold Spring Harbor).
Folder ac-2
Whole cell recordings from neurons in the primary auditory cortex of rat in response to pure tones of different frequency and amplitude, along with recordings of nearby local field potential (LFP). Contributed by Michael DeWeese of UC Berkeley. Recorded while at Anthony Zador's laboratory at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
Folder ac-3
High-density extracellular recordings from the primary auditory cortex in anesthetized rats listening to dynamic broadband stimuli. Contributed by Jermyn Z. See, Craig A. Atencio and Christoph E. Schreiner.
Folder ac-4
Electrocorticography recordings from patients during a passive listening task of degraded and intact English speech. Contributed by Holdgraf, C.R.H., de Heer, W., Pasley, B., Rieger, J., Crone, N., Lin, J.J., Knight, R.T. and Theunissen, F.E..
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