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Visual cortex

Folder pvc-1
Single- and multi-unit recordings from primary visual cortex. Contributed by Dario Ringach lab, UCLA.
Folder pvc-2
Extracellular recording from cells in cat primary visual cortex (data from Yang Dan Lab at UC-Berkeley).
Folder pvc-3
Multi-neuron recordings in primary visual cortex. Contributed by Tim Blanche, UC Berkeley.
Folder pvc-4
Single electrode recordings from primary visual cortex. Contributed by Jack Gallant Lab, UC Berkeley.
Folder pvc-5
Multi-electrode recordings of ongoing activity and responses to parametric stimuli in macaque V1. Contributed by Chou Hung lab, Georgetown University
Folder pvc-6
In vitro whole-cell patch clamp recordings from visual cortex neurons in the adult mouse. Contributed by the Allen Institute for Brain Sciences.
Folder pvc-7
In vivo calcium imaging of layer 4 cells in the mouse using sinusoidal grating stimuli. Contributed by the Allen Institute for Brain Sciences.
Folder pvc-8
Multi-electrode recordings of anesthetized macaque V1 responses to static natural images and gratings. Contributed by Adam Kohn at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
Folder pvc-9
Patch-clamp recordings from layer 4 pyramidal cells in guinea pig V1 acute slices showing synaptic plasticity induced by paired extracellular stimulation and spiking under both normal conditions and pharmacological GABAA blockage. Contributed by Ignacio Sáez (UC Berkeley).
Folder pvc-10
Disparity selectivity in mouse V1 measured using two-photon calcium imaging. Contributed by labs of Drs. Nicholas Priebe and Boris Zemelman, University of Texas at Austin.
Folder pvc-11
Utah array extracellular recordings of spontaneous and visually evoked activity from anesthetized macaque primary visual cortex (V1). Recorded by Matthew Smith and Adam Kohn.
Folder pvc-12
Single-neuron extracellular recordings from area V1 of awake behaving rhesus monkeys viewing brightness illusions based on Victor Vasarely’s artworks. Contributed by: Susana Martinez-Conde, Jorge Otero-Millan, Xoana G. Troncoso, Michael B. McCamy and Stephen L. Macknik.
Folder v2-1
Extracellular recordings from area V2 of awake behaving rhesus monkey. Contributed by Jack Gallant lab, UC Berkeley.
Folder v1v2-1
Simultaneous V1-V2 neuronal population recordings in anesthetized macaque monkeys. Contributed by Amin Zandvakili and Adam Kohn.
Folder vim-1
fMRI of human visual areas in response to natural images. Contributed by Jack Gallant lab, UC Berkeley.
Folder vim-2
Gallant Lab Natural Movie 4T fMRI Data. Contributed by Jack Gallant lab, UC Berkeley.
Folder vim-3
fMRI responses of human visual cortex (v1, v2, v3) to natural image patches obtained from above and below the centre of gaze of an observer freely-navigating an outdoor environment. Contributed by Damien J. Mannion, UNSW Australia
Folder mt-1
Extracellular recordings from area MT (V5) neurons of awake adult macaque monkeys. Data from Christopher Pack lab, McGill University.
Folder mt-2
Extracellular recordings from area MT of awake macaques in response to naturalistic movies. Contributed by Shinji Nishimoto and Jack L. Gallant.
Folder stc-1
Extracellular recordings from areas MSTd and VIP of macaque monkeys during a heading discrimination task. Contributed by Yong Gu, Aihua Chen, Sheng Liu, Christopher Fetsch, Yang Y, Adhira Sunkara, Kaushik J Lakshminarasimhan, Xaq Pitkow, Gregory DeAngelis and Dora Angelaki.
Folder pvc-13
Near-simultaneous 2- and 3-photon images from mouse visual cortex. Contributed by K. Takasaki, D. Tsyboulski and J. Waters.
Folder mt-3
The pre-, peri-, and post-saccadic responses of MT neurons in response to random probe stimuli flashed on screen. Contributed by Kaiser Niknam, Amir Akbarian, Kelsey Clark, Yasin Zamani, Behrad Noudoost and Neda Nategh.
Folder v4-1 (Area V4, dataset number 1)
Utah array extracellular recordings of activity from awake behaving rhesus macaque visual cortex (area V4). Contributed by Matthew Smith. Data is stored at Figshare.
Folder v4-2
Simultaneous extracellular recordings from visual areas V1 and V4 from macaque monkeys viewing crowded displays. Contributed by Christopher A. Henry, Adam Kohn.
Folder vim-4
Whole-brain BOLD activity recorded by fMRI during a visual attention task and a video game task. Contributed by Tianjiao Zhang, James S. Gao, Tolga Cukur, and Jack L. Gallant.
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