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Folder bst-1
Activity of multiple neurons in the brain stem (Inferior colliculus and Pontine Nucleus) of anesthetized rats during auditory white noise stimulus. Contributed by Nir Nossenson.
Folder vta-1
Spiking activity of dopaminergic neurons in mouse ventral tegmental area (VTA) during chemogenetic suppression of the mPFC, during two classical conditioning tasks. Contributed by Clara Kwon Starkweather, Samuel J. Gershman and Naoshige Uchida.
Folder vta-2
Spiking activity of dopaminergic cells in VTA-l during multitude of tasks and conditions. Contributed by Ali Mohebi and Josh Berke.
Folder snr-1
Slice patch clamp recordings from GABAergic neurons in the Substantia Nigra pars reticulata (SNr) of Thy1-ChR2 mice during proximal and full-field optogenetic stimulation. Contributed by Lior Tiroshi and Joshua A Goldberg.
Folder pag-1
Ventrolateral periaqueductal gray single-single unit activity during multi-cue fear discrimination in rats. Contributed by KM Wright and MA McDannald.
Folder bst-2
Multi-site neural recordings in the auditory midbrain of unanesthetized rabbits listening natural sounds and sound correlation auditory models. Contributed by Mina Sadeghi, Xiu Zhai, Ian H. Stevenson and Monty A. Escabi.
Folder pag-2
Recordings from periaqueductal gray/dorsal raphe in adult female rats that underwent early adolescent adversity. Contributed by Moaddab M and McDannald MA.
Folder rrf-1
Recordings from retrorubral field neurons in male rats undergoing fear discrimination. Contributed by Mahsa Moaddab and Michael A. McDannald.
Folder bst-3
Neuropixels recordings from 21 brainstem regions in rats during fear discrimination. Contributed by Jasmin Strickland and Michael McDannald.
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