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About bf-2

Description of dataset bf-2 (Basal Forebrain 2).

Summary of the data

Electrophysiological datasets were obtained from urethane anesthetized mice (mus musculus). These transgenic animals express halorhodopsin in somatostatin positive neurons and we used green light pulses (5s ON 15s OFF, 4 – 15 mW, 532 nm) to inhibit their electrical activity in the ventral pallidum (VP) and medial septum (MS). Four animals were used to acquire 20 recordings (32 channels) in the VP identified as “VP” files. Seven animals were used to gather 18 recordings in the MS (16 channels) and hippocampus (32 channels) simultaneously identified as “MS” dataset. Both VP and MS files were acquired with RHD2000 Evaluation System (Intan Technologies) at 20 kHz sampling rate. Each recording lasts 10 min and raw- and downsampled data (500 Hz) are available. We detected 330 neurons for VP and 1126 units for MS and hippocampus. Scripts to get started in data treatment and to replicate published figures are provided. Results from VP recordings are described in:

Basal Forebrain Gating by Somatostatin Neurons Drives Prefrontal Cortical Activity”. Espinosa N, Alonso A, Morales C, Espinosa P, Chávez AE, Fuentealba P. Cereb Cortex. 1-12 (Nov 2017) doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhx302.

Results from VP and MS recordings are currently being revised by Scientific Reports (Dec 2018) in a manuscript entitled “Basal forebrain somatostatin cells differentially regulate local gamma oscillations and functionally segregate motor and cognitive circuits”.

Behavioral datasets consist of videos showing the locomotive activity of MS mice in an open field and Y-maze tests with light pulses delivered during the tests.

Format of the data

The data is stored in Matlab files, or in files that can be loaded into matlab using available scripts. Details are given in the document linked-to at the bottom of this page. Total data size is about 48 GB.

Conditions for usage of this data in publications

If you publish any work using the data, please cite the publication above (Espinosa et. al, 2017) also cite the data set in the following:

Espinosa N, Alonso A, Lara-Vasquez A, Fuentealba P (2018); Basal forebrain extracellular recordings of anesthetized mice with somatostatin positive neurons optogenetically inhibited.

The above citation uses a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which is assigned to the data set.  The DOI was created using DataCite ( and the California Digital Library, "EZID" system (

How to download the data

Data may be downloaded from:
A account is required. See the download link for more instructions.

Getting help using the data

If you have questions about using the data, please post them on the forum for using data sets.

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