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Conditions for using the data.

Data in this data set can be used freely. However, if you wish to publish work based on analysis of this data we ask that you do (at least) the following:

  1. Any derived publication should include citation of the work describing the methods used in order to collect the data (any of the papers mentioned in README.txt).
  2. We ask that you acknowledge our role in collecting the data, by adding to your paper (either in the methods or in the acknowledgment section) something to the following effect: "Ariel Rokem collected the data at the lab of Andreas Herz and provided it through the CRCNS program ("

Limits of our liability and responsibility : The data is provided as-is, and we assume no responsibility for any effects of use of this data. We also make no committment to respond to any inquiries about the data.

Comment: As mentioned above, we do not make any committment to provide comments on work derived from this data, but we would be happy to be given a chance to read and be allowed to comment on any work derived from analysis of this data.

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