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About alm-5

Description of dataset alm-5 (anterior lateral motor cortex 5).

Summary of the data

This write-up refers to the data set (downloadable from Figshare). The experiments are described in:

Inagaki HK, Fontolan L, Romani S, Svoboda K. (2019) Discrete attractor dynamics underlying selective persistent activity in frontal cortex. Nature v566, 212–217. doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-0919-7

Inagaki HK, Inagaki M, Romani S, Svoboda K. (2018) Low-dimensional and monotonic preparatoy activity in mouse anterior lateral motor cortex. Journal of Neuroscience. 3152-17. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3152-17.2018

The data set contains the extracellular and intracellular neurophysiology recordings. These experiments contain data from 31 animals that were trained in a delayed response task. Auditory or whisker tactile cues during the sample epoch instruct the animals to lick one of two possible licking directions. Following a delay epoch, animals report their decisions by directional licking. Duration of the delay epoch was either fixed (fixed delay task: 1.2 s for the intracellular recordings and 2.0 s for the extracellular recordings) or randomized (random delay task) across trials. Recordings were in the anterior motor cortex (ALM) in adult mice. The data represent intracellular and extracellular (64 channels) recordings. For the extracellular recordings, ALM was silenced optogenetically bilaterally during the first half of delay epoch to probe the response of population dynamics.

The data consists of:

  • Behavior (events related to task and animal responses)
  • Photostimulation (timing and type)
  • Intracellular recordings of membrane potential
  • Processed extracellular recordings (sorted units)

Format of the data

The data is stored in MATLAB (.mat) files. The “WholeCellData” folder contains raw data of the intracellular recordings. It also contains a MATLAB script, which reproduces some of the figures in Inagaki, et al., 2019. List of recorded cells are described in an Excel file “S1_table_1_wc_cell_list.xlsx”. Detailed data structure is described in a file “WholeCellDataFromat.docx”. The “SiliconProbeData” folder contains processed (spike sorted) data of the extracellular recordings. There are two subfolders: one contains data of the fixed delay task (“FixedDelayTask” folder) and the other contains the data of the random delay task (“RandomDelayTask” folder). It contains MATLAB scripts, which reproduce some of the figures in Inagaki, et al., 2019. Detailed data structure is described in a file “SiliconProbeDataStructure.docx”.

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