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About Mesmerize

About the Mesmerize calcium imaging analysis platform


Mesmerize is a platform for the annotation and analysis of neuronal calcium imaging data. It encompasses the entire process of calcium imaging analysis from raw data to semi-final publication figures that are interactive, and aids in the creation of FAIR-functionally linked datasets. It is applicable for a broad range of experiments and is intended to be used by users with and without a programming background.

This software was used to produce the "Ciona intestinalis Neuronal Calcium Imaging Dataset" which is listed here at Ciona intestinalis Neuronal Calcium Imaging Dataset.

How to download

Easiest way to obtain the software is through snap:

Website with documentation and more information:

GitHub repository:

How to cite

If you use this software for your publication please cite the associated manuscript:

Mesmerize: A highly versatile platform for calcium imaging analysis and creation of self-contained FAIR datasets. Kushal Kolar, Daniel Dondorp, Marios Chatzigeorgiou. bioRxiv 840488; doi:

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