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Welcome to DREAM

Use the navigation bar on the left to access our Tools, Models or Data Sets. (IMPORTANT: You must log in to view and download.) Also, you can learn more by checking out the Overview of DREAM page.


DREAM is designed to be a helpful, scientific tool. We hope it grows organically, adapting and expanding to fit the needs of the community. If you can think of ways to improve it – whether by altering current functions or expanding upon the existing ones – please let us know or, better yet, take a shot at writing it yourself! We will gladly incorporate functions and ideas from within the community. The process for uploading new files and voicing your opinion still needs to be established, but in the short term, you can always share ideas on our lab's wiki or email us at [email protected].  We would love for DREAM to take off and become something commonly used by a variety of labs, because ultimately, the foremost goal of DREAM is to be useful to you.


Happy Modeling/Experimenting,


The DREAM Team

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