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About snr-1

Description of dataset snr-1 (Substantia Nigra pars reticulata , dataset 1).

Summary of the data

Raw data of slice patch clamp recordings of GABAergic neurons in the Substantia Nigra pars reticulata (SNr) of Thy1-ChR2 mice. In all experiments, SNr neurons were optogenetically stimulated using 470 nm LED light, while all glutamatergic and GABAergic inputs were pharmacologically blocked.

Experiments were repeated under two stimulation conditions:

a) Proximal stimulation targeting the soma and proximal dendrites (~130 um around the soma).

b) Full-field illumination exciting the soma as well as the entire dendritic arbor.

Results from the experiments are described in:

Tiroshi L, Goldberg JA (2019) Population dynamics and entrainment of basal ganglia pacemakers are shaped by their dendritic arbors. PLoS Comput Biol 15(2): e1006782.

Format of the data

The data is stored in Matlab files.  The format is described in the document linked to at the bottom of this page. Total data size is about 2.5 GB.

Conditions for usage of this data in publications

If you publish any work using the data, please cite the publication above Tiroshi, L., & Goldberg, J. A. (2019) and cite the data set using the following:

Lior Tiroshi and Joshua A Goldberg (2018); Slice patch clamp recordings from GABAergic neurons in the Substantia Nigra pars reticulata (SNr) of Thy1-ChR2 mice during proximal and full-field optogenetic stimulation.;
The above citation uses a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which is assigned to the data set.  The DOI was created using DataCite ( and the California Digital Library, "EZID" system (


How to download the data

Data may be downloaded from:
A account is required. See the download link for more instructions.

Getting help using the data

If you have questions about using the data, please post them on the forum for using data sets.

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