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About ssc-10

Information about the data including data types, experiments, format of the data, how to download the data.

Summary of the data

This data consists of 2-photon calcium imaging data from excitatory neurons in L2/3 and L4 of barrel (vibrissal somatosensory) cortex of anesthetized mice during deflection of 9 whiskers on the face individually in random order. Experiments were performed in Drd3-Cre mice (L2/3 pyramidal neurons) and Scnn1a-Tg-Cre mice (L4 excitatory neurons) expressing GCaMP6s via viral targeting. For each strain there are two experimental groups: mice in one group (EN) were housed with environmental enrichment and one group (NH) without. Data come from ~30-150 individual neurons per mouse (5-7 mice per experimental group) and consist of raw fluorescence and deltaF/F time series for each neuron, stimulus files aligning stimulus identity and timing to time series, and anatomical positions for each cell relative to each of 9 barrel columns corresponding to stimulated whiskers. All data are stored in .mat files.

Results from the experiments are described in:

LeMessurier et al. eLife 2019;8:e46321. DOI:

Amy M. LeMessurier, Daniel E. Feldman. bioRxiv 447508; doi:

MATLAB code used for processing data is available at:

Sample movies from one mouse are available at:


Format of the data

The data is stored in matlab mat files. Details about the data are in the document linked-to at the end of this page. Total data size is about 4.5 GB.

Conditions for using the data

If you publish any work using the data, please cite the publication above (LeMessurier et al. eLife 2019;8:e46321. DOI: also cite the data set using the following:

Amy M. LeMessurier, Daniel E. Feldman (2019); 2-photon calcium imaging in S1 of enriched and normally housed mice during individual deflection of 9 whiskers.

The above citation uses a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which is assigned to the data set.  The DOI was created using DataCite ( and the California Digital Library, "EZID" system (

How to download the data

Data may be downloaded from:
A account is required. See the download link for more instructions.

Getting help using the data

If you have questions about using the data, please post them on the forum for using data sets.

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