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About ssc-8

Information about the data including data types, experiments, format of the data, how to download the data.

Summary of the data

This dataset contains in vivo two-photon Ca2+ imaging recordings obtained from Layer 2/3 somatosensory cortex of several mice of two genotypes (wild-type C57/B6 and Fmr1 knock-out) and three developmental age groups (postnatal days 9—11, 14—16, and 30—40). The mice were un-anesthetized, head-fixed, and not engaged in any experimental task. The dataset comprises: 1) the raw TIFF imaging movies, 2) estimated firing rates of individual neurons (MATLAB), and 3) the estimated anatomical distance between each pair of recorded cells (MATLAB). The number of animals in each group ranges from 6—13, while the number of simultaneously imaged neurons in each animal ranges from 40—149. Each recording was performed at a frame rate of 3.9 Hz, and the total duration of each recording is approximately 7—8 minutes.

Results from the experiments are described in:

Gonçalves, J.T., Anstey, J.E., Golshani, P., Portera-Cailliau, C., 2013. Circuit level defects in the developing neocortex of Fragile X mice. Nature Neuroscience 16, 903–909. doi:10.1038/nn.3415

O'Donnell, C., Gonçalves, J.T., Whiteley, N., Portera-Cailliau, C., Sejnowski, T.J., 2017. The Population Tracking Model: A Simple, Scalable Statistical Model for Neural Population Data. Neural Computation 29, 50–93. doi:10.1162/NECO_a_00910

O'Donnell, C., Gonçalves, J.T., Portera-Cailliau, C., Sejnowski, T.J., 2017. Beyond excitation/inhibition imbalance in multidimensional models of neural circuit changes in brain disorders. eLife (in press)


Format of the data

The data is stored in matlab and tiff files. The data file organization is described in the document linked to at the end of this page. Total data size is about 4 GB (compressed).

Conditions for usage of this data in publications

Please consult the data contributors before publishing any analyses of these data. If you do publish any work using the data, please cite the first publication above (Goncalves et al., 2013), and also cite the data set using the following:

Gonçalves, J.T, O’Donnell, C., Sejnowski, T.J., Portera-Cailliau, C. (2017); Two photon calcium imaging recordings of spontaneous activity from mouse somatosensory cortex in wild-type and Fmr1 knock-out mice from three developmental age groups.

The above citation uses a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which is assigned to the data set.  The DOI was created using DataCite ( and the California Digital Library, "EZID" system (

How to download the data

Data may be downloaded from:
A account is required. See the download link for more instructions.

Getting help using the data

If you have questions about using the data, please post them on the forum for using data sets.

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